iOS / iPhone

The following guide has been tested to work on until iOS/iPadOS 17.3.

Currently the use of proxies is limited on iOS for the following reasons:

  • no proxy support for mobile data

  • no SOCKS5 support

If you want to use your Residential Proxies on your iOS based device on Wi-Fi then follow the guide:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > Current Wi-Fi Network.

Step 2. Select the info icon and scroll down to HTTP Proxy and select Configure Poxy and Manual.

Step 3. Edit each section by tapping on the label with your proxy settings:

Hostname and port will change depending on the proxy product you are using, so please be aware of that.


Port: 11000

Username: (provided on your dashboard page)

Password: (provided on your dashboard page)

Step 4. Tap Save.

Step 5. Open your web browser and enter the same username & password used if asked to Sign in.

Step 6. Test your proxy to see if your proxy is working correctly.

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