FoxyProxy is a simple and reliable proxy manager that works on many popular browsers.

Follow these steps to integrate SpeedProxies Residential Proxies:

Step 1. Get the extension and install it. (Chrome Install) (Firefox Install)

Step 2. Open FoxyProxy Options.

Step 3. Click Add.

Step 4. Give the proxy a name (used to easily differentiate between multiple proxies).

Step 5. Change the type to HTTP.

If you want to use SOCKS5, please use the correct port as the port for HTTP and SOCKS5 is always different.

Step 6. Add your proxy details:

Hostname and port will change depending on the proxy product you are using, so please be aware of that.


Port: 11000

Username: (provided on your dashboard page)

Password: (provided on your dashboard page)

Step 7. Save your proxy.

Step 8. Click on your newly made proxy profile to use it.

Step 9. Test your new proxy and you are ready to go.

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